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Re: Pax will sell WBPX

Would they sell 46 and 60 as a package?

On the MediaOne Cambridge system we are supposed to get 60 but actually get
the translator in Needham....over in Somerville Time-Warner does run 60
only, not 46....

The must carry rules are impossible to figure out.....shouldn't MediaOne in
Cambridge be forced to pick up LPTV's 19 and 32 (which they don't)

BU had an interesting 6 year run with 68 and at times it showed promise, but
the handwriting was on the wall when they didn't pick up the option on Judge
Judy..and the Red Flops.

> According to the Boston Herald today, Pax will sell WBPX,
> channel 46 in Norwell, after acquiring channel 68.  So Pax
> programming will not occupy 3 cable slots after all.  I wonder if
> channel 46 is worth more for its cable slot than it is as an on-air
> signal.
> Mark
> laurence@sprintmail.com