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Cucaracha Bites Back

Listening to WLLH last night at 7:25.  A long commercial block
followed by what sounded like a "bit" from a morning show.
(I don't speak much Spanish, so, it's just a guess) Then,
the kicker  [words and phrasing are approximate, I couldn't roll tape
in the car - so it's from memory]:

SFX: Phone Ring
Male Voice:  Lowell Sun
Big Male Announcer's Voice: Dan Phelps, please.
MV:  One moment, sir.
BMAV: Gracias.
Another Male Voice: Dan Phelps Speaking
BMAV: This is (undecipherable name) from W - L - L - SILENT - as you called it
DP: (harried) Oh, yes.  I asked you to call a half hour ago.  I'm between
editions right now, I can talk to you.
BMAV: You wrote the column Hola To The Cucaracha?
DP: Yes.
BMAV: What did you mean by that?
DP: It's saying farewell to Sully ....
BMAV: (interrupting) No, what did you mean by La Cucaracha
DP: (stalling) It's a farewell piece for a radio station that's been
around for years...
BMAV: The use of the word Cucaracha - it is degrading to Hispanics.
DP: I write two columns a week - they are usually tongue-in-cheek
BMAV:I found it offensive.
DP: I'm sorry you took it that way.  (mega-harried) Look, I'm trying to get
another edition out,....
Female Phoner Voice: I think the use of the word cockroach is offensive to
BMAV: [many words in Spanish]
Rapid-fire Big Voice Guy in produced positioner ending with "MEGA"
Spanish Music

This exact same scenario (commercials and all) ran again at 9:25 and at 9:55.
This could get old quickly.

I wonder if Dan Phelps knew he was being recorded.  It would seem to erode
any existing co-operation between the Lowell Sun and WLLH.

Roger Kirk