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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/23: WABY Goes All-News

Paul writes:
>The front page headline in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Saturday
>"WAAF-FM Bails Out for Boston."  It was an article about how their
>studios are moving from Westborough to Boston.
>Now that I live in Worcester Country, I find it disguisting how
>panders to Boston.  <snip>

Agreed.  But I have to believe that WAAF bailed on Worcester the day
they moved from the (somewhat ficticious) "Cocaine Realty Building" in
beautiful downtown Worcester years ago. (How's that for history?)
Somewhat foolish would be a drive out to Greenfield with WAAF L&C
listening to Boston (alleged) temperatures.

Speaking of which, do stations have actual thermometers anymore??  Back
in college, WJUL had a digital one that was actually pretty accurate.
It was during the days of the attempt to go Celcius.  Remember that?
WCAP was doing dual temps then dropped it altogether for good old

Bill O'Neill