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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/23: WABY Goes All-News

Bill O'Neill wrote:

>  Somewhat foolish would be a drive out to Greenfield with WAAF L&C
> listening to Boston (alleged) temperatures.
> Speaking of which, do stations have actual thermometers anymore??  Back
> Bill O'Neill

While at WYHI we had an actual thermometer that could be switchable for
indoors or outdoors. One saturday it took me the whole morning and past the
noon hour that that bugger got switched to the indoor setting by the
morning guy the day before as a joke... it was a very hot day out getting
closer to 100 degrees, and here I was scratching my head reading "it's 74
degrees in Fernandina Beach (FL) on Island Radio 1570 WYHI..."

And with the Big Double L, WLLH, in 1978 I helped the engineer install a
thermometer sensor, mounted in what looked like two or three coffee cans
end to end, strung up between the building on 4 Broadway and the parking
lot light posts...
That was when the only Spanish language programming heard was when they
played the hit "Eres Tu" from 1974...

Ron Gitschier
Jax, FL


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