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Re: WLLH Now In Spanish

In a message dated 5/3/99 9:53:26 AM EST, dmerrill@exchange.com writes:

<< Among 1330,
 1150, 890 and 1600 doing Spanish - no one station will grab a significant
 share to show up with much in the ratings.  The difference is 1330 and 1600
 don't care about ratings. >>

Disagree.  The Mega stations will succeed in ratings.  1330 & 1600 will 
falter (unfortunately,  as this is not my wish).   If 1330 and 1600 don't 
care about ratings (truism), the people who buy the time definitely DO.

There IS a lot of AGENCY business going to the spanish broadcasters.  The 
1150 surge (beating 1330 & 1600 combined) in just one book, HAS been noticed 
by agencies.