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RE: Boston trip

Yes, I believe you are referring to WLYN's tower with the old 101.7 FM bays
on it.  WROL (950 AM) is also in the vicinity off of route 107, but you can
see it to the right heading down 1A south shortly after WLYN.
Check out the images of area tower sites from the boston radio archives site
(Is there anything more beautiful than a multi-tower array?)
I just spoke with the company leasing time for WLYN, and was told that the
time 24/7 was bought by a church in Chelsea, and the on-air studio is in the
I am sure Jibguy can tell us about WNEB's tower.  Sadly, I recall he had
some break-ins when he was the owner.
- -Dave

Mike wrote:

> I was in Salem last weekend, and I took Rte 1A to Boston. I
> passed by a
> single guyed (which looks like an AM tower) tower with a four
> bay FM antenna
> mounted to it. What FM'er is this? Is this just a backup?
> Is this WLYN's tower?
> Also where is WNEB's tower in Worcester? Ive searched for it
> but I can't
> find it.