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Re: Boston trip

You can't mean my station, WMWM (Salem State), can
you? We have a tower with _three_ bays on top of the
Meier Hall on Lafayette St. (just off Rt. 1-A). The
antenna next to it is for Campus Police, I think.
To the best of my knowledge, that's the only radio
tower on or near Rt. 1-A in Salem.

Bob Nelson
at WMWM since 3/12/81

- --- "Fitzpatrick, Mike" <mfitzpatrick@wwlp.com> wrote:
> I was in Salem last weekend, and I took Rte 1A to
> Boston. I passed by a
> single guyed (which looks like an AM tower) tower
> with a four bay FM antenna
> mounted to it. What FM'er is this? Is this just a
> backup?
> Is this WLYN's tower?
> Also where is WNEB's tower in Worcester? Ive
> searched for it but I can't
> find it.
> Thanks
> I've

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