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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/23: WABY Goes All-News

Mike Thomas wrote:
> Actually, WXLO cracked a one share in the last Boston book 12+ (we got a 1.2.)
> However, WXLO is not trying to be a Boston station--We're catering to Metrowest
> and Worcester county listeners.  Interesting to note that WXRV-Haverhill--the
> Boston wannabe station, couldn't muster a one share, but WZID-Manchester NH
> could.  You've gotta wonder how much longer "The River" can keep flowing....

As a former staffer of Lite 92.5 (which made close to nothing for ratings and money) 
"The River" will keep flowing for sometime.  While it skews a tad away from my 
musical tastes, it has serious appeal.

I would be curious to see what "The River" had for numbers on the Seacoast and in 
Manchester.  While I know "The River" tries to reach the Boston market, I would suspect 
they did much better north of the border...MA that is.

Marc Lemay