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Re: Market Research)

At 09:41 AM 4/22/99 -0400, EBRadio wrote:
>I remember her Clark Schmidt always playing the lp version of Suavecito, of
>which I found at a used record store years ago.  Outside of a "pirate"
>station, I have not heard that version played in Boston for years!!!!

I remember WKBR in Manchester N.H. used to play the album version of it.
As I recall, it had a false end, and then went into a riff much like the
intro.  Once apparently someone "accidentally" stopped the cart at the
false end and put it back in the rack...heard the hapless jock who played
it the next time.  It didn't sound like he was familiar with the song, and
wasn't sure what was happening to him.  Might have that on tape somewhere.