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Re: Eve of Destruction (Was Re: Market Research)

>Steve Ordinetz wrote:
>This may be an urban legend.  Checking some old WBZ surveys I have (lots of
>gaps, alas) EOD was #1 on 8/28/65, #2 on 9/4/65, the next survey I have is
>9/18, and EOD is #19, falling from #16 a week earlier.  Considering that
>singles had a fairly short chart life in those days, this seems to indicate
>the song just ran its course and dropped off the chart gradually.

        It is not an urban legend. I heard the broadcast explaining that
the song was pulled off the air. I have no explanation for the written
top-30 survey sheets, except speculation. And, in keeping with the tenor of
those times, my speculation is that maybe the folks at WBZ decided that
while Westinghouse said they couldn't play the song, the orders from on
high said nothing about whether it could be listed on the song survey, so
leaving it on was their protest.