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RE: Eve of Destruction (Was Re: Market Research)

Steve wrote:
> This may be an urban legend.  Checking some old WBZ surveys I
> have (lots of
> gaps, alas) EOD was #1 on 8/28/65, #2 on 9/4/65, the next
> survey I have is
> 9/18, and EOD is #19, falling from #16 a week earlier.
> Considering that
> singles had a fairly short chart life in those days, this
> seems to indicate
> the song just ran its course and dropped off the chart gradually

I remember in the 1980's when WBZ carried Casey Kasem's American Top 40 show
(what a wierd station to have the show on in that era I thought to myself).
When I was listening to the top 100 countdown of the year's biggest hits,
they completely skipped over #34 (I think that was the # anyway).  I had to
grab a Billboard magazine later to fill in the blank.  What song do y'all
think it could have been??
George Michael's "I Want Your Sex."  As sportscaster Mel Allen would say,
"How 'bout that!"
Even better was when the rap song, "Me So Horny" cracked the top 40 pop
chart.  I could not wait to see how the stations carrying the countdown
would treat that one.  As I recall, Casey himself just referred to the song
as "#28 this week from The Two Live Crew."  Well, Kiss 108 DID play the
- -Dave