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Re: Austin of Boston on 105.7 WROR

At 07:14 AM 4/19/99 -0700, Dan Bourret wrote:
>I am not sure if anyone else has heard Austin of
>Boston (former morning jock on Oldies 103.3) on the
>mid-day week-end shifts for 105.7 WROR.  
>on Saturday during a 10-2pm shift.  Then I hadn't
>heard him again until the same slot in February.  Then
>he disappeared again.   he was on once again (the same time slot)
>except it was Sunday this time.  Does anyone know if
>he is just filling in, or has he picked up a position
>with them since leaving Oldies 103?
Bill Piacentini answers:
I don't know about 'ROR, but Austin and (a woman, forget her name) are on
WSRS 96.1 mornings 6-10AM. He is just "Austin" on 'SRS.