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Re: WZLX - "I Don't Like Mondays"

Hopefully, stations will show restraint and
understanding. (Maybe their music is stored on a
computer and picked in advance--hopefully a certain
Alice Cooper song about school won't pop up,either.)
I do remember that, right after the Oklahoma City
bombing, Howie Carr's show refrained from playing
their "bomb" sound effect (to "blow up" loopy
callers) for several weeks.

During CNN's coverage yesterday, someone got on the
air posing as a student or someone near the scene,
and they started babbling about how "Howard Stern
did it. His TV show ratings are going down, and..."
The CNN anchor immediately cut the caller off.

- --- David Merrill <dmerrill@exchange.com> wrote:
> The classic rocker is playing this hit by The
> Boomtown Rats right now.  In
> light of the "Massacre at Littleton," this is rude. 
> Maybe somebody called
> and requested it.

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