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Re: AT 40 on WBZ

Brian Vita said:

> The danger is that many celebrities go off half cocked about causes that
> they know very little about.  Just because they are celebrities they are
> not automatically endowed with a deep understanding of the underlying
> science or social issues of the cause they are promoting yet, because of
> their celebrity status, the public is willing to accept them as an
> authority.  Now don't get me started on Sally Struthers and hunger...
> Brian

It seems to happen more with celebrities becasue every move they make
seems to be reported by the half-witted commercial media.  I'm sure many
of us "regular folks" have also gone off half-cocked about causes we know
little about. Witness all of Rush Limbaugh's audience and how they seem to
parrot his words when you challenge their views :)

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