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Re: CD or XM satellite radio?

- --- Gavin Burt <gbbradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> One issue that has not come up on this mailing list has been what
> everyone thinks about Direct Audio Radio Satellite, which is where in
> about a year or two, one can put a little satellite dish on the back of
> their car window and get 100 audio channels for $9.95 a month.  There
> are two companies offering this, CD Radio and XM Satellite Radio.  
> What I have to wonder is if either of these companies will have formats
> that are as boring and repetitive as broadcast radio is today.  If they
> aren't going to be, I will gladly buy one when they come out.  I find
> there is nothing to listen to on radio here, and I am always listening
> to airchecks instead of local radio.

Sure, there'll be channels filled with familiar 
brand name 'corporate radio' sound  and tight playlists but
these two companies will also have some unique
formats which you can't get anywhere else right now.
Also, the price sounds very affordable. Let's see how long it'll
stay at $9.99...:)



Into the future!

- -Mark

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