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Cleveland gets a Jammin' Oldies

At 5pm Monday, chr/urban WZJM/92.3 (Cleveland Heights)
switched to Jammin' Oldies....simulcasting their New York City
sister station. Supposedly Tuesday they'll simulcast their
Chicago jammin' oldies sister station...then either voice track
or go with some local presence later in the week.

Well, give 'em 2 or 3 books and 50%+ of their P1's will 
hate the Top 300-400 Motown oldies of all time.

A local buddy was in DC over the weekend and heard
the new WGAY/jammin' oldies and told me he heard
several tunes going into town Saturday morning, and
was stunned to hear the SAME group of tunes on
his drive out of town late Sunday afternoon!

Rumors still a rampant another Cleveland FM will
switch to pure, mainstream CHR.

I know this is a New England-based group...hope you
don't mind.


P.S.: "Jammin' Oldies".  From the same nice folks
who brought you that huge format success story:
"All 70's", "Arrow".    Ahem!