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Re: The Globe's here...

Here's the scoop on WJIB-740......

It's  the IOP music format (Intrumental-Oriented Pop) weekdays, 22 hours a 
day,  and the other two hours 7-9 AM it's Radio France Int'l News weekdays.
On weekends, most time is leased.  ADD Radio Group (WRCA-1330) leases Sat 8 
AM to 12 Midnight.  Sunday, 7 AM to 11:30 AM it leased time directly between 
WJIB and local churches.  11:30 AM, of course, is LTAR.  Then ADD Radio Group 
takes over on the 12 Noon to 12 Midnight spot.

WJTO, however is a bit different.  Same music format sunrise to sunset 7 days 
a week excepting for two things:  1) extensive local news coverage at 8 AM 12 
Noon and 4 PM weekdays with 25 minutes of AP and WJTO-written local news.   
and  (2), two churches and public affairs Sunday 10 AM to 12 Noon.   The 
schedule rarely changes on WJTO.   

Reason for sign-off at sunset (or usually 1 hour after sunset) is because 
CKAC-730 out of Montreal is a real killer at night.   SOME nights, WJTO can 
be heard in Portland at night nicely with the nighttime authorization of 28 
watts, but MOST nights a car radio will pick up an even mix of WJTO and CKAC 
in BATH!!!!!

On the "Somgs from the Heart" listing in the Globe.  I discontinued that 5 
years ago. I'll have to get the Globe to replace that space with Radio France 

- ---jibguy

In a message dated 4/18/99 5:06:55 PM EST, ssmyth@cnc.com writes:

<< When it was on, it was (from what I remember) partially
 live, partially automated, using that hot automation
 technology: VCR tapes. (A few nice VCRs and some tapes
 of music and you can run a radio station! Why do you 
 need those $100,000 automation systems!) Since I was
 never there for the show's run on WJIB, you would have
 to ask Bob for the exact specifics.
 Now, I think most of Saturdays on 740 are leased to ADD,