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Re: longest show?

  Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Hmmmmm another possible has to be Candlepin Bowling from 1958 to
> 1994..........Community Auditions may still have edged it out, but it
> be darn close.

As I previously posted,"Candlepin Bowling" ran from Oct 1958 to Jan
1996,which makes it a total of 37 years,3 months. "Community Auditions"
started in 1950, Kevin could be right that it may be a close call between
these shows.It would all depend on when "Auditions" ended.
And for the record,if what my father has related to me is correct,Jim Britt
was the original host of "Candlepin Bowling".Don Gillis was the co-host,I'm
not sure if he was co-host at the beginning.Gillis took over as host in
1967 and remained in that capacity until the last show in 1996.

Mark Watson