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Re: Longest running local TV show (Was Re: Today's LTAR)

Kevin wrote--
>I can also make a case for one series that has been shown live, produced
>locally (on just about every station) since 1948.  Red Sox Baseball
>I can sense Donna glaring at me for this one......

No, Auntie Donna does not glare.  But she does like accuracy-- the first
baseball games that WBZ aired were not those of the Red Sox.  There was an
agreement wherein WNAC and WBZ split the games that first year (1948), but
the very first baseball game WBZ-TV aired was on 15 June 1948.  It was the
Boston Braves versus the Chicago Cubs.  Jim Britt was the announcer.  The
Red Sox were not on channel 4 exclusively or continuously that year... some
games yes, others on WNAC, some not televised at all.