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Re: Today's LTAR

Mark wrote--
>I would guess that second place for the longest running show on Boston TV
>would be "Community Auditions". Didn't that run 30 years or more on Ch.4?
>And didn't it run briefly on another station( I think IIRC it was Ch.5)
>after Ch.4 cancelled the show? Can Donna or anyone else clarify?

Yes, Community Auditions started on WBZ in 1950, with Gene Jones as host.
Maynard was the MC from 1967 till 1989.  The show was cancelled by WBZ
around 1988, and there was a contract dispute with Dave and WBZ that
resulted in the show briefly airing on channel 5, but it still concluded
its run in 1989 as far as I can tell, an amazing number of years to say the