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Re: Today's LTAR

> Joe wrote--
> >Also on LTAR, there was some discussion about Channel 38's "Ask the 
> >Manager."  They mentioned that it was the longest running show on 
> >local television.  But I wonder.  Didn't "Starring the Editors" on 
> >Channel 4 last longer?  Donna?
  Donna Halper wrote:
> My money is on "Starring the Editors"--  it ran from 1950 to 1975.  Can
> "Ask the Manager" beat that?  I think not.
"Candlepin Bowling" beats "Starring the Editors"."Candlepin Bowling" ran
from Oct.1958 to Jan.1996,starting on WHDH Ch.5,then making the transition
to WCVB when they took over Ch.5 in March 1972. I don't think "Ask the
Manager" is on anymore.I'm not sure when it started or when it aired last.
I would guess that second place for the longest running show on Boston TV
would be "Community Auditions". Didn't that run 30 years or more on Ch.4?
And didn't it run briefly on another station( I think IIRC it was Ch.5)
after Ch.4 cancelled the show? Can Donna or anyone else clarify?

Mark Watson