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Re: Alan Sagal RIP

>WhomFAM wrote:
>Alan Sagal WTIC-1080 traffic reporter and Hartford AAA spokesman died Friday
>at the age of 58 of pancreatic cancer.

        A very fine gentleman and an excellent radio newsperson. May he
rest in peace.

        He was a news staffer for WTIC (AM) for many years, rather than a
traffic reporter. His was one of the very familiar voices for Conn. radio
listeners, even though he had been away from WTIC for several years. He
went back to the days when Bob Steele still had a 40 or 50 share in morning
drive in the '70s.
        In his PR job with AAA in recent years, his voice was on WTIC
regularly giving the weekly rundown of major road construction projects in
Connecticut and he often was the soundbite in the news with AAA's comments
on other issues. He did two separate stints with WTIC, I believe, although
I have not yet looked at the WVIT/Ch. 30 website for the article mentioned
in the previous post.