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New Albany area pirate

Just last night, I was at dinner in Latham, and I turned to 94.7 on our
Ford model car radio.  I had expected to just hear hash from WABY-FM
and something coming from WBAR (94.7) in Lake Luzerne.  Instead, oldies
came on, and a guy was on the air saying "Oldies 94-7".  They were
taking requests, and when doing a reception check, they went as far
north as the Latham Farms shopping center and as far south as the Port
of Albany.  They also had a request line, and when I called up, the guy
told me they were running near South Troy, and were only on the air
Saturdays running oldies.  They were also going as "WRDE", and sounded
much better than we rotate 2 songs WTRY.

If anyone is in the Albany/Troy/Latham area on Saturday nights, tune in
94.7.  You may just hear "WRDE".

Gavin Burt

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