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The Globe's here...

I saw the radio page of today's Boston Sunday
Globe TV Week, and it seems fairly accurate (even
listing "Star 93.7"), though there are some errors
(like the listing for Music America on WPLM-FM and
WBOQ, "Sat. 7pm-midnight". Actually, the show is 
no longer on WBOQ, and it starts at 8 pm).
But how about this: under "Talk Shows":
Mon.-Fri. 1-11 pm WRKO: Evening Guy Tai (sic)

Wow, a ten-hour show must be tough to do! (Surely
they meant to say "7-11 pm") Then again, another listing:

Sat. Noon-midnight WJIB: Songs From the Heart, with
Bob Bittner

Wow, a twelve hour shift! (or is it?) :)
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