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Re: police radio

Interesting to note that the old 31.900 MHz frequency is still very active
in the AM mode in the State Forestry Towers. The 39.500 MHz frequency is
still  used in the FM mode in the Greenville,Mason, New Ipswich area of the
state simulcasting initial fire department/EMS dispatches.  I believe
Nashua used 37.180 through the mid seventies in various capacities. (Last
time I heard Nashua use this freq was for paging).

Nashua PD had a very crowded stay on 155.130 MHz along with about 10 towns
in southern NH and Northern MA in the sixties. ~~1968 saw Nashua become one
of the first public safety agencies to go up on the UHF band. Now Nashua
is, after much red tape, within a year of going over to a new 800 MHz
trunked system

born and raised in the Gate City

>>Nashua PD ...... They were operating on 39500 AM on 1946 according to
>>another source.

>>Interestingly, the cruisers didn't get two-way radios until 1939 and
>>there was no car-to-car capability until 1950.

Ed Brouder
Man From Mars Productions

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