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Milkman's Matinee

>                                 Dan Strassberg wrote:
> >
>   Some of the things that made the old WNEW (AM) in its heyday sound so good were the
> > "bouncing-beep" news signature, the "Double-yew--enny double-yew...eelevun
> > three oh in Noo Yawk" theme (with and without lyrics), and the program
> > themes for the Make-Believe Ballroom and Milkman's Matinee. The themes were
> > recorded by name artists. Can't recall who did the MMM theme, but the MBB
> > theme (I believe the second of two that the program had over its years of
> > existence) was recorded by Glenn Miller and the Modernaires. In those
> > years, you couldn't find bigger-name talent than that. The record is now a
> > collectors' item. I think that one of the artists who recorded the
> > signature was Julius LaRosa, who for many years did an air shift at
> > WNEW--maybe even hosted MBB.
> >====================================================================================
> >
	Dan- I now have a copy of the original =Milkman's Matinee= (Coral
#61490) 		recorded on 9/9/54 by Les Brown and Modernaires!!! Written by
Paul Denniker,
	Joe David and Andy Razaf.  The author of the Andy Razaf biography,
	Singer, indicates that Razaf also wrote the =Make Believe Ballrom=
	for Martin Block with Denniker...."away we go, by radio, to realms of
sweet 	delight."  My recollection is that Julius only did the Noon to 3p

	BTW, if anyone has a collection of the WNEW jingles ("eleven-three-oh")
	I'd like to trade some stuff for same. Thanx.