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    Today a sales rep from WERZ showed up at my place of employment 
(which is outside of radio) wanting us to join some job fair thing. While
this person was waiting to speak to someone I asked him "how Capstar
was treating them." His reply was "Capstar hasn't bought us yet!" I said
"oh yes they have!" Either this guy didn't want to admit it or Management
is keeping everyone in the dark. I told him all he had to do was read the
Foster's Daily Democrat, which would have told the whole story. He then
said "well I know all the jocks on Heat 95.3 got blown out to save money".
I said both your AM's are automated, WQSO Oldies 96.7 is automated,
guess what station is going to be automated next!" I told him "ARS has 
already done most of Capstar's homework for them." He told me that 
"things were going to be better when they move to Portsmouth". I said
"things will be better for Capstar, when they start paying less people and
add some more satillite dishes to the front lawn of 815 Lafayette Road.
(Oh what a concept) Besides WHEB is already automated part-time and
that's the most important station in the immediate chain!
   It was painfully obvious that this guy hasn't been in radio very long!

Take Care,
Roy Lawrence
(WHEB alum-by choice)