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Re: Wee Eye

At 04:51 PM 6/16/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>But another reason I think the old 'EEI lost money was that it was a 5,000
>> watt signal with a north/south directional pattern.
>To quote a line from "Ground Hog Day,"  "BING!"
Can you explain please? During the day, 850 has better coverage to the west
of Boston--probably as far as 495. And in those days there was no WCRN to
splatter and mess up the 850 signal in the Marlboro area. But at night, 850
must pull its pattern in tight and when you get "behind" the pattern, it's
all over in a few miles from the Needham TX. At night, 850 suffers from
severe phasing on the Framingham-Natick line. So, aside from the better
daytime coverage in a restricted area west of Boston, 590 and 850 have quite
comparable signals despite 850's 50 kW and better-than-half-wave towers.
Moreover, 590 beats 850 hands down on the South Shore and Cape Cod and
covers southern NH better than 850 does.

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