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Re: Wee Eye

And there is the matter of WTOP -- 50kw, but with an inaduible signal in some DC
suburbs at the same time it can be heard in al those states.

You need a signal that covers your metro. Whether it's 50k or 5k is irrelevant.

(BTW, I never understood why WINS has done better than WCBS... I always liked WCBS

FMradio1@aol.com wrote:

> Not necessarily--Look at KYW in Philadelphia.  Both WIP and  1210 (the call
> escape me at the moment) have better signal penetration in the metro, yet KYW
> is number one in town.  How about New York, where WINS's signal up to recently
> has been inferior to WCBS's, yet WINS usually beat CBS in the ratings and in
> revenue.  Just because you don't have a 50K clear channel stick doesn't mean
> your'e doomed to fail.

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