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Re: WEEI/Newsradio 590

At 09:14 PM 6/16/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>(WEEI) was a fine sounding station, comparable to WCBS/Newsradio 88.  When
>>WEEI was sold to the pizza magnate, only THEN did it fail miserably.
>>     WEEI/590 (CBS in Boston) was, IMHO, one of the finest news
>>operations in Boston, bar none.  Nobody, even WBZ could top that !
>>Peter Q. George
>I recall, upon hearing of he sale to the pizza people back then, thinking
>"well, there goes the radio station."
>What we need are more stations being sold to people who know what
>broadcasting is all about; not just to people who want to play with
>stations, much as a child plays with toys. (shel)
The pizza guy actually gave WEEI to his wife, Helen, as a birthday present!
Or so the Globe reported. Nice present--cost him around $11 million. I
believe Salem's price from Peter Ottmar was between $6 million and $8
million. Was the Telecommunications Act a law yet at the time of the latest
590 sale? If so, we can say that the law had not restored the earlier value
of AMs. Even today, I doubt that many AMs would fetch the prices they
brought 25 years ago. And remember, there was wicked inflation in the
consumer price index in the early 80s. A million dollars just ain't what it
used to be.

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