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Re: MESSAGE ID: 1EC610858

Well, when to do that is a judgment call, and I don't know that I would have
called in *all* those folks if I were a PD in this case -- though I sure would
have called in *some*.

Fact is, lots of less well-heeled smaller-market stations *do* react like that
in an emergency situation.

Joseph Gallant wrote:

> Subject: "If It's Flooding NOW, You're NOT Hearing It Now!"
> There IS one thing WBZ radio could--and should--have done last Saturday
>  that would have allowed them to broadcast nonstop coverage of the storm
>  and flooding.
> They could have called-ina nchors, reporters, news editors, etc.!
> Sure, it would have cost some money in overtime, but thousands of listeners
>  might have felt reassured to have been able to hear Gary LaPierre on
>  Saturday evening anchoring storm coverage with numerous live reports from
>  reporters out in the field, not to mention Traffic On The 3's.

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