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RE: Oldest Non-Comm in Boston

Peter Q. George wrote: 

>>That honor [oldest non-comm in Boston] belongs to WERS-FM.  This well
respected non-comm hit the airwaves in 1949 with 10 lovely watts of power
on 88.1 MC/s.  In the early 1950's, they moved up the dial to 88.9 MC/s
with 18,000 watts of horizontally polarized power.  It was said that you
could listen to 'ERS on your toaster oven if you lived on Beacon Street in
Boston.  In April, 1974 WERS-FM moved their transmitting facilities to the
Prudential Tower with 895 watts ERP and for the first time.....in stereo. 
Since then, they moved to (I believe...) One Financial Center with 5,000
watts ERP. I guess the exorbitant rent from the Pru was too much.<<

Thanks for reminding us of these historical facts and factoids.  One
Financial Center is the correct location.

The present call letters are simply WERS.  ERP is 4 kW (at 610 feet above
average terrain).

After all these years, the WERS studios will be leaving Beacon St. by
August for new facilities at 180 Tremont St.  The latter address housed
WEEI's studios ("Edison Electrical Illuminating") for many decades,
beginning in 1930.