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Re: Oldest Non-Comm in Boston

Rick Levy wrote:  "After all these years, the WERS studios will be
leaving Beacon St. by
August for new facilities at 180 Tremont St."

Yes, indeed.  An article by Kathryn Jones in the latest Emerson Beacon
(the alumni mag) offers a few details:
"Once settled in its new home, WERS will occupy the first floor and
basement of the Ansin Building.  The street-level window will front a
large performance studio and a constantly busy master control room.
Passers-by on Tremont St. will have an opportunity to watch program
hosts in action and the many live, in-studio musical and other
performances for which WERS is widely applauded. 'Especially for the
young people who come downtown, being able to see a radio station in
action will deliver an important message about promising career
opportunities in broadcasting,' said Arthur Singer, general manager for
television, radio and film production at Emerson."

Those "young people who come downtown," of course, are potential future
Emersonians.  Recalling my days as a "program host in action" at WERS, I
don't think I'd really care to have the good people of Boston staring at
me while I was still in the struggling, sensitive, early stages of my
announcerhood.  How do I close those curtains?

The same article says "WERS will become Boston's only radio station with
street-level, windowed studios."  Hmmm...the last one I can remember was
WEZE in Park Square until 1978 or '79.