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Re: Boston Radio Watch 05-22-1998

Paul Hopfgarten wrote:

> I actually enjoy Howie Carr more often than not...
> I think most people that have a "strong" dislike of Howie tend to be
> left-of-center, politically, just my opinion.

I am definitely *not* left of center, rather tend to be conservative in my
beliefs.  Howie is not, in my opinion, a good talk host.  I find that most of
the time he spends more time cutting down both listeners who call in and the
persons he decides to target for that day.   The "Chump Line" has to be one of
the most rude things I've ever heard.  How unprofessional!  The one and only
time I enjoyed his show was during the Louise Woodward trial as I thought the
opinions and coverage was outstanding.

My two favorite talk show hosts, both currently on 3-6 in their respective
markets are Shawn Hannedy on 770 WABC New York and Mark Williams on 810 WGY
Albany.  Those two gentlemen seem to have more common sense than anyone else
I've heard recently.

Steve Sawyer