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Re: well...

>Hi again all....
>At the risk of plugging my station again (I'll try to stop after this)...
>thanks for all the kind words from everyone 'bout "The River". I'm going to
>answer all the questions at once; (Gotta hurry... Letterman's on soon) So,
>here goes:
>1) To all those who have worked at 30 How St Haverhill (excluding Ed McMann):
>YES, it's still a nut house. Precisely why I love the place.

	Wow does that bring back some memories! Tom Bergeron, Ed Johnson, "No escuela de Haverhill", Tom Carbone ...... of course these were my contemporaries, back in the early 70's, when I too did my mandatory stint at the little white building, before Ginty Blvd!

	I grew up in the shadow of the 1490 stick in Haverhill. Still live about 4 miles from the stick in Atkinson. One of my good friends owns a recording studio in town who still does work for you guys....a matter of fact he tends to farm those out to my son Mike, who's an SRT major at Lowell, has done quite a lot of on air work, (and could use additional summer monies.... ;-))

>If anyone on the list would enjoy seeing a particular artist in "the Hall", we
>can usually fit in about 25 people.... let me know in advance, and I'll get
>you a seat. We usually talk it up on-air well in advance if we are going to
>have a live audience.

	Sounds interesting.... I'll be listening. 
>A friend and I were talking the other day about 1200 AM (KOX?)... what's the
>latest on them? 50kw? When?
	Something IS coming, but I can't say who or when. My best guess is we will see them gone from Mt Wayte by years end....

Wayne Carter     			wcarter@mva.net
It's not dying for faith that's so hard, it's living up to it.
		 William Makepeace Thackeray