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Re: BOS,XRV,etc.

I'll second this!!!  By the way, the personality cross-talk between Bob
Stuart and the Traffic reporter are excellent!


At 09:36 PM 6/5/98 -0400, Lou wrote:
>I think WXRV has got the best programming in the metro Boston area.  I keep
>my #1 car radio button set to 92.5, and have had it there since they became
>"The River."  They prove everyday that (gulp) Classic Rock can co-exist
>with Adult Album Alternative (whatever they call it these days).  I also
>like the fact that they're not afraid to sprinkle in acoustic and blues, as
>well.  Maybe that's the problem with Boston radio:  They're too afraid to
>mix it up the way The River does.  Maybe they (Boston Radio) feel that
>they've got too much to lose.
>By the way, I have no trouble picking up The River in my car all around
>Boston and along the North Shore.  It's a little noisy in certain rooms at
>home in beautiful Revere.
>I only have one complaint about WXRV...  Why did you let Manny Glyn go?!?!?
> He was terrific!  (I guess he broke format one time too many.)  Does
>anyone know where he is now?
>Rick, keep up the good work at WXRV.  Don't let them try to force you guys
>to do the "sensible" thing with your format.  It *feels* great!  Welcome to
>'The List.'
>And don't forget to visit 
>the incredible website:
>         http://www.channel1.com/users/spindoc