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Re: BOS,XRV,etc.

I think WXRV has got the best programming in the metro Boston area.  I keep
my #1 car radio button set to 92.5, and have had it there since they became
"The River."  They prove everyday that (gulp) Classic Rock can co-exist
with Adult Album Alternative (whatever they call it these days).  I also
like the fact that they're not afraid to sprinkle in acoustic and blues, as
well.  Maybe that's the problem with Boston radio:  They're too afraid to
mix it up the way The River does.  Maybe they (Boston Radio) feel that
they've got too much to lose.

By the way, I have no trouble picking up The River in my car all around
Boston and along the North Shore.  It's a little noisy in certain rooms at
home in beautiful Revere.

I only have one complaint about WXRV...  Why did you let Manny Glyn go?!?!?
 He was terrific!  (I guess he broke format one time too many.)  Does
anyone know where he is now?

Rick, keep up the good work at WXRV.  Don't let them try to force you guys
to do the "sensible" thing with your format.  It *feels* great!  Welcome to
'The List.'

- -Lou

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