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Re: WLAW affiliation (Was: Sinatra the Radio Man)

>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>"...I did not know that WLAW had been a CBS affiliate.  The first time I
>visited Boston, in 1947 or 1948, WLAW was an ABC affiliate. Can anyone
>establish the history of WLAW's network affiliations?"

David H wrote--
>I didn't think I'd be able to answer this one as I knew the Manchester
>(NH) Union stopped listing WLAW late in 1945.  A closer inspection of
>the listings for that year, however, revealed all--backed by a little
>fact-checking with The New York Times and a little digging in the Nashua
>Telegraph.  [snip]

CBS was still fighting with John Shepard the 3rd in the late 30s, and had
since 1936 entered into a lease agreement with WEEI.  WLAW went on the air
getting news mainly from the newspaper which owned it, the Eagle-Tribune.  I
have early schedules from the station and it did not seem to be carrying any
network shows in 1938.  I just haven't had the time yet to get an exact year
for the change in network affiliations.  As I said in an earlier post, the
station IS listed in the 1943 Radio Annual with a CBS affiliation, and in
the 1948 Radio Annual, it is listed with an ABC affiliation.  What happened
in between, I shall soon find out, I promise.