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Hi again all....

At the risk of plugging my station again (I'll try to stop after this)...
thanks for all the kind words from everyone 'bout "The River". I'm going to
answer all the questions at once; (Gotta hurry... Letterman's on soon) So,
here goes:

1) To all those who have worked at 30 How St Haverhill (excluding Ed McMann):
YES, it's still a nut house. Precisely why I love the place.

2) The station is growing; brand new air studio just completed, and two new
production rooms (including live sound mixing booth for the "River Music
Hall") nearing completion.

3) While it's certainley not as "diverse" a format as it was at the start,
certain members of the air staff have some real latitude... although the PD
prefers I don't play canadian rock gods RUSH when I fill in on the morning
show. (I do play 'em when I do the occasional Friday night)

and finally....
4) "Live from the River Music Hall Volume One" will be in stores the second
week in July.... all the major chains have picked it up. I just approved the
master last week.

If anyone on the list would enjoy seeing a particular artist in "the Hall", we
can usually fit in about 25 people.... let me know in advance, and I'll get
you a seat. We usually talk it up on-air well in advance if we are going to
have a live audience.

I've enjoyed reading this list for months now, and am happy to be a
subscriber... looking forward to learning more from you guys! 

I promise to stop plugging "The River" so much...

On that note...

A friend and I were talking the other day about 1200 AM (KOX?)... what's the
latest on them? 50kw? When?

Thanks for listening,

- -Rick