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Re: Gripes about Howie Carr/WRKO

On Fri, 05 Jun 1998 17:55:15 -0400 ME <ebradio@flash.net> writes:

>I was in the Kenmore Square 
>area of Boston and looked up on the side of the building that used to
>display the promo for "NOW RADIO 680...".  Well, low and behold, the 
>paint that was brushed over that some 15+ years ago is beginning to fade

>more now.  A close look and you will see the frequency beginning to 
>overcome the cover-up paint job.  Who knows, a little more rain and we
could all >be exposed once again to "NOW RADIO 680..."

Yes, 645 Beacon St. -- the old Leavitt Hall of Grahm Junior College
(where I went to school) was right next door to the old (pre- Government
Center WRKO).  Those were the days!

Rick Kelly

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