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Re: Mix and CBS, WNSH

On Howie's show yesterday, he told listeners that his
voice mail now greeted him with "Welcome to CBS Media"
rather than "Welcome  to American Radio Systems", and
he joked, "Am I 'Home'?" ( a reference to the CBS
"Welcome Home" slogan), then referred to the fact that
someone else could be the station's owner in six or
nine months.
Regarding Scott Fybush's piece of news about the CP for
500 watts for WNSH-1570 here in my town(Beverly), when
I was there about six years ago (doing an all-Kinks
show on Sunday night), their studios were in a 
warehouse in Hamilton, with the antenna on top. The
signal was a mere 125 watts (reduced from the previous
500), and they could barely reach their city of
license at night!

- ---Mark Shneyder <mshbc@bu.edu> wrote:
> I heard a new ID tag on Mix at the top of the hour at 6pm and
> then again the same one at 7pm tonight :
> "WBMX, CBS Radio....that's us!"
> I guess someone, somewhere signed something earlier today because
> they didnt have it during Lander's morning show or Cortese's midday
> Still waiting for an official press release or something to show up
on the
> wire....
> -M

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