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RE: Same calls since day 1

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> I think this
> post takes the thread into uncharted territory. Although WBOS was
> definitely not a continuation of the WBZ-FM that at one time existed on
> 92.9, we might have to rule out WBOS, because there had been a previous
> occupant of the channel in the Boston market. If we include WBOS, don't
> we have to include WEEI? Those calls have existed in the market
> continuously since Boston Edison first used them. But the current WEEI
> is actually the old WHDH, and I maintain that it therefore doesn't
> qualify. 

The person framing the question could have framed it in any way he or she
wanted, but the question framed asked, simply, for stations which have had
the same call letters since Day 1.  Depending on how you want to treat the
"-FM" suffix, WBOS may qualify.  There may have been a previous station on
that frequency, but it was in no way continuous with WBOS and, in fact,
there was a hiatus of several years between during which there was no
station on that frequency at all.

There is also no connection between WBCN and whatever station previously
occupied 104.1, and I believe there was also a gap of several years during
which no station was on that frequency.  So WBCN qualifies as a station
that has had the same calls since Day 1.  The history of WBCN in the
Archives does not indicate that it came on with different calls.

WEEI simply does not qualify as a station which has had the same call
letters since Day 1.  The station which now has the WEEI calls used to be
WHDH.  The station which used to have the WEEI calls became WBNW and then

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