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Re: Same calls since day 1

Dan Strassberg wrote:

> At 09:47 AM 6/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >
> >After that, the next longest NH calls are from the forties (WKNE Keene,
> >WKXL Concord, WKBR Manchester).
> >
> I forget the previous calls of the station that is currently WKNE, But
> whatever those calls were (and it was a _long_ time ago; years before World
> War II) aren't they (or weren't they recently) in use on an FM not far from
> Keene?

The current user of the WKNE calls (1290 Keene) claims a first broadcast date
of June 2, 1927. Whether they were WKNE (on 1290) then, I don't know. (They
also bill themselves as "Keene's First Station".) WKNE-FM (103.7 Keene) claims
that May 1, 1964, was their original on-air date. Again, I don't know if they
were WKNE-FM (on 103.7) then. Why such a perfect set of calls be ever licensed
to another town is beyond me.

Doug Bassett
Full Service Part Timer
WKVT AM/FM (WKNE's Red-headed Stepchild? [apologies])
Brattleboro, Vt.