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Re: Gripes about Howie Carr/WRKO

- ---ASchinella@aol.com wrote:
> Okay, I flip on Carr this afternoon and he is doing "What's your
gripe" a
> topic he does all the time. And during the first hour of the show,
> count them, three callers called in to complain how terrible WRKO is
now and
> how crude Howie is, etc. Of course, VB blew them all up. Amazing,
who says the
> listeners don't know anything? Whodathunkit? 
> Tony
I think that Howie and gang know they may soon be
nationwide and they're getting a bit cheeky. And
yeah, as much as I enjoy listening to Howie, he
_does_ do the same topics over and over. No news
today? Let's do "what's your bitch" or "standing
heads"...Also,regarding the complaints about WRKO
on Howie's show, I think WRKO has a policy of no
on-air complaints about talk hosts; plus, the show
airs on several other stations now, and Howie
figures "what listener on WVMT or WXTK or WNNZ is
going to care about someone who doesn't like (RKO's)
Two Chicks Dishing?".
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