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Re: how radio has changed

But now, every
>station has a playlist, a format, a target demo, research that says you
>can't play blues, etc etc. Now, the only way he can get on a major radio
>station is to be a guest on a talk show and talk ABOUT blues...

Buddy Guy is certainly one of the greatest at his craft.  Years back I
hosted many of the 'Blues Deluxe' programs on WJUL Lowell (91.5 FM 1.6 kW
UMass Lowell)  (The show still running strong on Sat/Sun 3-6 p.m.)  One of
the station's alums, John Guregian, is the host/producer of most of the
shows and regularly books _big_ blues names that you would expect only to
show at a Boston signal (college or 50 kW rocker somewhere).  Pretty much
the only game in the area.  The WBCN we all once remembered was big on blues
in their outer core and seemed to welcome blues artists in studio and would
actually play the stuff.  The music seems to transcend a lot of sound and
demo boundaries - but in heavy streams can be too much for non-niche
listeners.  I would be curious how a heavier blues blend on a classic rocker
would go with market.  Any research out there?

Bill O'Neill