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Re: Musicradio 77 WABeatleC Beatlemania Monday

On Sun, 24 May 1998 16:04:38 -0400 "Shel Swartz" <shel@lotsofun.com>
>I just read in yesterday's issue of Radio & Records that Shannon is 
>going to
>be the only "music" jock.  They're gonna use Curtis Sliwa, and some 
>talk hosts.  Who and where is WABC''s PD?
>The "Shannon" they need is not AOR's WPLJ Shannon, but Bob Shannon 
>(his real name, yes) from WCBS-M, but of course, they can't really ask
him to 
>because he's not with WABC.

Actually Bob Shannon's given name is Don Bombard.  He was a radio legend
at WNDR in Syracuse in the sixties, and does a very entertaining
afternoon drive time show every afternoon on CBS-FM.  Unfortunately, he
ends up in the shadow of Dan Ingram, Harry Harrison, etc.  He does an
excellent show.

Rick Kelly

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