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Re: WNFT-1150 AM

At 05:32 PM 5/23/98 -0400, you wrote:

>Off the top of
>my head, its first and second adjacents seem to be clear at night of any
>nearby stations it would have to worry about protecting and in the daytime
>there's really only the 1170 in Norfolk, which the WNFT owner might be able
>to buy and put out of its misery.
Ahh, you're forgetting the other daytime AM 1170 in Mass. I forget the
calls, but isn't it in Orleans, near the elbow of Cape Cod, on the Bay side?
That station is directional to protect WDIS and vice versa. The DA must
allow the Cape Cod station decent post-sunset facilities, because the DA
also protects WWVA (kind of by accident), whereas WDIS, which also has a
PSSA, pushes everything toward Wheeling.

Anyhow, WNFT must not overlap 5 mV/m contours with either of the MA 1170s or
25 mV/m with WADN. I think that of the three, Orleans is the biggest
problem. Once WNFT's signal leaves land, it's clear sailing over salt water
to the Orleans station's back door. The second-adjacent overlap rules have
changed since the Orleans station was built, and I haven't tried to figure
out whether the rule change gives WNFT room for a power increase or creates
overlap that would be prohibited if the Orleans station weren't grandfathered.

Remember too, that, although CHSJ is long gone from 1150 (and almost gone
from AM altogether), WNFT must still protect a (non-existent) 1150 in St
Johns. Just what, if anything, WNFT might be able to do with the three
existing towers would require some work to figure out. I'm pretty sure the
night power can't be changed. An increase in day power might be possible,
but more than likely not without taking dark at least one (and probavly
more) of the three MA AMs I mentioned.

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