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Re: WNFT-1150 AM

> > >And Dan Strasberg replied:
> > <snip>
> > >The signal on the North Shore is not great because the array was
> designed to
> > >protect CHSJ, St Johns NB, which was on 1150 for years. 
> I thought it was mainly to protect CKOC(?) in Hamilton Ontario (50kw Day
> & Night).
> Although they've since moved from that frequency, haven't they?
> Again, didn't the Hamilton Station move from that frequency?  I would
> think that would open them up to the North a bit...and make a world of
> difference.  
Nope, CKOC is still alive and well and playing oldies on 1150.
The FCC database has them as CKMO, a call they used briefly in
the 1980s between stints as CKOC.

Perhaps you're thinking of CHAM, ex-1280 and now 50kw on 820?

- -s