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Re: Galaxy IV & public radio

David W. Harris wrote:
> After a very brief period of silence,
> the NPR newscast came up, albeit with a major hum on the line.  This
> must have been a satellite feed, though, 

Or maybe it was from the Internet. Yesterday's "Netly News"
(www.netlynews.com, part of Time-Warner's Pathfinder site) reports the following:

> A historic first: A web feed, direct to the nation's
> airwaves. "The Internet helped save us," said M. J.
> Bear, National Public Radio's exhausted director of
> new media, yesterday afternoon. Less than an hour
> after the Galaxy 4 satellite unexpectedly turned
> away from planet Earth on Tuesday night, NPR
> began using its web site to offer 600 member
> stations a backup feed of the radio network's
> regular programming. This included NPR's
> flagship, "All Things Considered." 

Full text of article available with this URL:

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