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Re: programming Sinatra on Oldies 103?

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> Date: Monday, 18-May-98 01:28 PM
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> Subject: Re: programming Sinatra on Oldies 103?
> The mix on 60s-based oldies stations has always galled me. Top-40
radio in the
> 60s *did* include a substantial smattering of non-rock songs: Louis
> hit #1, as did Sinatra with both those songs, as did others. At the
time, the
> kids listened to them on WABC in NY, for example. 

And let's not forget "Hello Dolly"...song of the year in 1964(?).

There's a peice about it in Rick Sklar's book "Rockin' America", where
Scott Muni complained about playing that (damn!) record every 2 hours!

Supposedly that sealed Scott Muni's fate at WABC.  

(Personally, I couldn't STAND hearing that song over and over every 2

But these songs WERE part of Top 40 radio......   

But then again it was a kinder, gentler time....